Hospice Services

The personal hospice care and services

HealthKeeperz provides hospice care and services that combine state-of-the-art medical care with emotional and spiritual support for our patients and their families. We focus on comfort care when curative treatments are no longer desired by patients and/or their families. Ultimately, HealthKeeperz seeks to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual care when the perspective of life shifts from quantity of days to quality of days. 

Hospice Services provided

Skilled Nursing

Physicians and Nurse Practitioners

Pastoral Care

Emotional, social and spiritual support

Medical Social Work

Support for patients and their families

Hospice Aides

In-home Aide Care


Direct support to hospice patients and families


Honors and nurtures a patient's spiritual needs

Bereavement Program

Prevent potential mental health complications

What is Hospice?

Hospice is compassionate and supportive care for patients and their families facing an end-of-life crises due to a terminal illness. Hospice can be delivered in a number of places – the patient’s home, a skilled nurse facility, an assisted living facility, or a hospital.
Hospice teams can treat the patient, and not the disease, through a personalized plan of care designed to meet the specific needs of the patient and their family. When their plan and symptoms are managed, a hospice patient can then focus on the important thing – living a full life.

Why Choose Hospice?

Hospice care is delivered by a skilled team of health care professionals. Our hospice team partners with the patient and their family to create a plan of care that best suits their needs and desires. The patient always has a voice in the direction of their care.

Who Benefits From Hospice?

The person who receives hospice, family, friends and loved
ones of the individual all benefit from hospice care.

Why Choose HealthKeeperz Hospice?

HealthKeeperz has served eleven counties in southern North Carolina for over 50 years. Our professional, medical and administrative staff are local people – living and serving in their own communities. We honor our patient’s dignity and their end-of-life wishes, offering a variety of supportive and life-management programs for both the patient and their family.

Home Medical Equipment

Supplies of medical equipment direct of Patient Home

The HealthKeeperz home medical equipment and supplies division helps patients and families across North Carolina maintain independence, dignity, and an active lifestyle. We deliver products and supplies that allow patients to do the things they have always done and enjoy the things they have always enjoyed. Often, the right products make all the difference in the lives of our patients and their family members. 

Home Medical Equipment & Supplies

Incontinence Supplies


Nutritional Supplies





Walkers, Rollators


Service and Supplies

Hospital Beds
Seat Lift Chairs

CAP Case Management

Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults

HealthKeeperz delivers case management services aimed at helping our patients avoid hospitalizations while maintaining their independence at home. By integrating home health, hospice, and home medical equipment and supplies, HealthKeeperz has the unique ability to add value to the healthcare continuum for the people of North Carolina. Our primary goal is to assist our patients as they make choices that improve their overall health status. 


At HealthKeeperz, we serve many counties across North Carolina as an authorized care provider for the state’s Community Alternatives Program (CAP). This program is a wonderful alternative for many North Carolinians seeking to avoid placement in a nursing home, and it’s just one of the ways we enjoy providing care with compassion that promotes dignity and a more active lifestyle. To be eligible for CAP, a patient must meet the criteria for skilled nursing facility level of care. HealthKeeperz CAP case managers develop plans of care for each client, and these plans are aimed at ensuring that the client is safe at home and receives the services he or she needs. Ultimately, CAP exists to supplement, rather than replace, formal and informal services and family support available to the client. 

Services Provided by CAP/DA


Case Management by a social worker or registered nurse

Home Aide

In-Home Aide Services

Telephone Alert

Telephonic emergency response system

Institutional respite

Institutional and in-home respite

Adult Care

Adult Day Health Care

Waiver supplies

Nutritional supplements, certain incontinent supplies, medication dispensing boxes

Home mobility aides

wheelchair ramps, safety rails, grab bars, non-skid surfaces, hand-held showers, widening of doorways for wheelchair access

Your Personal Care Plan

Our case management team will visit you at home to complete a thorough assessment of your needs. You, your doctor and your family will work with the case management team to design
a care plan that is right for you. A social worker will work with you to arrange services and monitor your care. A nursing assistant, supervised by a registered nurse, may be available during the day.

What is CAP/DA?

  • CAP/DA is a special Medicaid program that can provide a range of services not covered in the regular Medicaid program of North Carolina.
  • CAP/DA can provide in-home and community based care for adult Medicaid recipients. The goal is to offer a quality cost effective alternative to intermediate and skilled care in nursing homes.
  • CAP/DA services meet the personal care needs of the patient while providing relief to the caregiver/family.
  • CAP/DA provides quality care to the disabled with emphasis on maintaining their dignity and desire to receive care in the home.

The CAP Process

The Process begins with the determination of Medicaid eligibility by the Robeson County Department of Social Services.
A nurse/social worker team assesses the care needs of the client that may be met in a home setting at a cost that is less than what Medicaid would pay for facility care.
Services are arranged with community agencies that provide the kind of care needed by the client.
The case manager is responsible for reassessing annually the continuing need for CAP/DA services and regularly monitors the care being provided by community agencies.

Who is Eligible for CAP/DA?

Those persons who:

  • Are 18 years of age and older who live in: Robeson County.
  • Live in a private residence and are at risk of being placed in a nursing
    facility and desire to return to a private residence.
  • Are eligible for Medicaid CAP and can have his/her health, safety, and well being maintained at home within the Medicaid cost limit.
  • Are deemed appropriate for
    intermediate or skilled nursing home care by their physician.
  • Have a supportive caregiver and/or positive support from other significant people.
  • Desires CAP/DA services instead of institutional care.

Payment Information

The Community Alternative Program for Disabled Adults is a Medicaid reimbursed service.

Home Health Services

We can also help you manage chronic diseases...

The HealthKeeperz team of home health professionals is dedicated to helping you thrive at home. Our team includes skilled nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, medical social workers, and home health aides. Working as a team and with your physician, HealthKeeperz home health professionals develop a plan of care centered on you and your goals. Our goal is to help you become as healthy and active as possible.

Our Home Health Services can help you rehabilitate from medical events.


Skilled Nursing

Our team of dedicated skilled practitioners stand ready to assist with a wide variety of skilled care services including:

  • Medication Administration and Oversight
  • Diabetic Education and Management Wound Care
  • IV Therapy
  • Health Education to Assist in Recovery and Self-Management

Physical Therapy

Comprehensive Programs specializing in the evaluation and treatment of:

  • Orthopedic Problems
  • Neurological Conditions
  • Posture Problems
  • Stroke
  • Industrial Injuries
  • Restorative Therapy
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Joint or Muscle Dysfunction
  • Other medically diagnosed pain or dysfunction

Speech Therapy

Comprehensive Program specializing in the evaluation and treatment of:

  • Speech Disorders
  • Swallowing Disorders
  • Verbalizing Expression
  • Dementia Staging
  • Communicate Device Training
  • Understanding Language to Maximize Communication  after Stroke, Surgery or Trauma

Occupational Therapy

HealthKeeperz Occupational Therapist provides medical treatment to improve or restore impaired function due to illness or injury, or to improve the patient’s ability to perform tasks required for independent functioning where function has been permanently or temporarily lost by illness or injury.

Medical Social Work

The HealthKeeperz Social Work Program focuses on early intervention that may assist in preventing unnecessary hospitalization or re-hospitalizations relating to social problems. The HealthKeeperz social workers seeks to improve family cooperation and enhance the patient’s or caregiver’s involvement in the plan of care.

Home Health Aide

The HealthKeeperz Home Health Aide Service completes
the care provided within the Home Health Program. Our Certified Nursing Assistants provide assistance with a client’s Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). These activities may include toileting, shaving, meal preparation, light housekeeping and bathing. This type of hands-on “personal care” truly compliments the complete therapeutic realm provided by HealthKeeperz.