Hospice Services

The personal hospice care and services

HealthKeeperz provides hospice care and services that combine state-of-the-art medical care with emotional and spiritual support for our patients and their families. We focus on comfort care when curative treatments are no longer desired by patients and/or their families. Ultimately, HealthKeeperz seeks to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual care when the perspective of life shifts from quantity of days to quality of days. 

Hospice Services provided

Skilled Nursing

Physicians and Nurse Practitioners

Pastoral Care

Emotional, social and spiritual support

Medical Social Work

Support for patients and their families

Hospice Aides

In-home Aide Care


Direct support to hospice patients and families


Honors and nurtures a patient's spiritual needs

Bereavement Program

Prevent potential mental health complications

What is Hospice?

Hospice is compassionate and supportive care for patients and their families facing an end-of-life crises due to a terminal illness. Hospice can be delivered in a number of places – the patient’s home, a skilled nurse facility, an assisted living facility, or a hospital.
Hospice teams can treat the patient, and not the disease, through a personalized plan of care designed to meet the specific needs of the patient and their family. When their plan and symptoms are managed, a hospice patient can then focus on the important thing – living a full life.

Why Choose Hospice?

Hospice care is delivered by a skilled team of health care professionals. Our hospice team partners with the patient and their family to create a plan of care that best suits their needs and desires. The patient always has a voice in the direction of their care.

Who Benefits From Hospice?

The person who receives hospice, family, friends and loved
ones of the individual all benefit from hospice care.

Why Choose HealthKeeperz Hospice?

HealthKeeperz has served eleven counties in southern North Carolina for over 50 years. Our professional, medical and administrative staff are local people – living and serving in their own communities. We honor our patient’s dignity and their end-of-life wishes, offering a variety of supportive and life-management programs for both the patient and their family.