Staying Connected with Loved Ones During COVID-19

Psychologists, writers, and even the World Health Organization have argued that the measures we’re taking to slow the spread of COVID-19 – “social distancing” – could more aptly be called physical distancing. That’s because of the multitude of digital communication tools at our disposal, which make it easy to connect with others no matter how far away they are.
Just because you can’t be physically there with your mom, dad, or best friend doesn’t mean that you can’t be with them in voice and spirit. Phone calls and text messages may not provide the same endorphin rush as a big hug, but they do give us the feelings of connectedness that we need as human beings. For today’s article, we wanted to share a few creative ways of staying connected with your loved ones during physical distancing.
Idea #1: Digital Movie Night

Grab the blankets and popcorn – it’s time for a virtual movie night! Use videoconferencing software like Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom to connect with a family member or friend. Then, choose a movie that you both have access to, through platforms like Netflix or on-demand cable rentals. To avoid bandwidth issues, use separate devices to talk with your loved one and stream the movie. Be sure to press play at the same time. And bam, you’re watching a movie together – even if you are miles apart.
Idea #2: Long-Distance Family Trivia
Create your own set of trivia questions using your computer or a pen and paper. To add a personal twist, you might make the questions related to your family history and happenings (i.e., “What line did Dad famously mess up in the wedding vows?”). Gather a group of extended family members across multiple households, and host everybody on a videoconferencing platform. Having some kind of activity, like a trivia game, to guide video calls makes for a more engaging and bonding experience. Let the games begin!
Idea #3: Old-Fashioned Love Notes
There’s nothing quite as touching as receiving a handwritten letter in the mail; it has a certain old-fashioned magic about it that beats receiving a text ten times over. Take a few minutes out of your day to handwrite messages of love and support to your friends and family. Writing these notes is just as therapeutic as receiving them, and you’ll immediately feel a little bit better about everything once you stamp and send off your letter. As an added bonus, snail mail is perfect for the people in your life who aren’t comfortable using text or email, or simply prefer not to. (We all know them. I’m looking at you, Uncle Al!)
Idea #4: Gift Giving
Lord knows our budgets are tight at the moment, so it’s probably not the best time to purchase expensive gifts for those you love. But it’s a great time to send small, symbolic, and preferably handmade items that will cheer up friends and family. For example, what grandparent doesn’t love getting a personalized drawing from their grandchild? If you have any healthcare, delivery, or grocery workers in your circle of family and friends, now is the time to show your support by sending small DIY care packages. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on a gift; what matters is the love and care that it stands for. Right now, we could all use some of that.